Saturday, May 30, 2009

Intricate stag 3 of 30.

intricate stag 7
Doris the cat loves this bag.

intricate stag 8

She is usually a little spitfire, quick to bite and generally skittish with a virtually nonexistent purr (our other cat has terrorized her a little), but when we put her in the bag as a joke, she calmed down immediately, as if the sling around her made her feel safe and comforted. It was adorable.

And the bag is pretty cute too.

intricate stag 1

I lined the inside, and i'm totally glad that the lining worked out ok, because the back of the stranded knitting is A MESS. It's kind of a hippy bag, but I like it, it's extravagant and fun and will look cute for grocery stores or for outdoor music festivals.

intricate stag 2
For the strap, I braided something like 36 lengths of both colors of the yarn together. It was a statistical nightmare!! I forgot that when you are braiding you braid from the top down, not the end you are working with up. So I tied all of the ends to a chair, stood like 6 feet away and tried my best not to tangle everything. I should have taken pictures of that, you'd be under your desk laughing right now.

1. Sleepy Snake and Mischievous Mouse
2. The Silk Kerchief by Kate Gagnon
3.Intricate Stag Bag
4. Valley Yarns Gallery Jacket
5. Lady Wannabe gloves
6. Squirrelly Swedish Mittens
7. Anais by Norah Gaughan
8. Cobblestone Pullover My first Sweater for Boyfriend. It will hopefully be a Christmas Present.
9. Which Came First (an adorable egg that becomes a chick!)
10. Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau
11. Cloud Bolero by Ysolda Teague
12. Pineapple Fantail doily
13. Margaretha
14. Dreamer by Wenlan Chia
15. Holding Hands Feeding Ducks Scarf
16. Traveling Stitch Legwarmer
17. Peter the Scorpion
18. Little Bunny
19. Hemlock Ring Blanket
20. Ophicleide Cardigan
21. Colette Pullover
22. Hair Bow by Just Call Me Ruby
23. Back To School U-Neck Vest
24. Gretel
25. Ena Sweater
26.Cherry Cardigan
27. Stirling Cloche (this is one of the few actual Cloche shaped hats I've seen as a knittng pattern)
28. Palndrome, A Reversible Cable Scarf
29. Fido's Flower Garden Sweater and the Scull Doggery Dog Sweater (I want to make these reversible so that it can just be one sweater)
30. Snowflake


  1. Both Doris and the bag are very cute! 3 down and 27 more to go, right?



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