Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to be lucky in love- Farmer's almanac style

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

I was just reading about gardening on the Farmer's almanac website and noticed that they have a section for advice. Along with how to buy a hammer and paintbrush basics, there is "How to Get Lucky the Old-Fashioned Way-Advice for anyone traversing that treacherous road to romance."

The article is kind of awesome and awkward. It includes tips such as "do not take your medicine while on a date" and "Plan to do something that allows time to talk, such as golfing, tennis, rowboating, or bowling-not target practice at the local firing range."

In my head, I picture the kind of person that might be reading this, and it gives me a warm feeling. I think he would be a sweet middle aged redneck guy out in the country somewhere, with a gun rack and a hound dog, wearing overalls, and just looking for someone he can plant carrots with and take to the firing range. I hope he finds her.

I wish everyone a little luck in love today.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dav,

    This information would have come in handly a couple of years ago, when I was dating. If I ever date again I will make sure review this.



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